About Us


We see indigenous communities developing sustainable livelihoods with high levels of well-being, selecting what they need from the wider world while conserving their environmental resources and maintaining a strong traditional culture


We facilitate processes and activities generating improved livelihoods and greater capacity in indigenous communities while conserving rainforest resources and traditional culture

The Approach

  • Bottom-up
  • Participative
  • Tailored to different cultural, environmental and socio-economic contexts
  • Use of market intelligence and networking
  • Strong branding for sustainable rainforest products
  • Technical assistance in developing environment-friendly and socially responsible standards
  • Supporting indigenous rights to territory, traditional culture and natural resources


There are two parts to Ecotribal – Ecotribal Limited of the UK and Ecotribal Peru SAC. Together these two organisations have over four year’s experience working on capacity building with indigenous communities for avoided deforestation and PES administration, plus over 50 years collectively working with communities in the region as anthropologists and over 25 years on agro-forestry initiatives in the Ene-Tambo valley. Ecotribal have experience and competency across various fields and markets: forest conservation (PES), agro-forestry, anthropology, marketing, eco-tourism, environment, renewable energy and participatory community development.

The focus for Ecotribal’s work to date has been in three regions of the Peruvian Amazon. We have five staff working in Peru: anthropologists, an development specialist, an agro-forestry technician and an indigenous community coordinator.