As well as building all-important (but largely invisible) capacity at community level, Ecotribal’s projects achieve tangible outputs:

Community equipment and infrastructure

  • New community meeting spaces
  • School building extensions
  • First aid posts in remote villages
  • Accommodation for students (whose families live more than 4 hours walk away)
  • Accommodation for teachers


  • Facilitating emergency care provision
  • Easing access to fresh water
  • Providing emergency relief after natural disasters


  • Strengthening existing schools and education
  • Designing and running eco-competitions
  • Field trips to best practice eco-villages
  • Field trips to best practice examples of sustainable production
  • Provision of lap tops and solar power to schools
  • Capacity building in administration, accounting, climate change issues and sustainable management of natural resources

Agroforestry and sustainable production

  • Supporting cacao, café and agro-forestry producer associations
  • Supporting women’s crafts associations
  • Establishing rotating micro-credit systems at community level
  • Implementing sustainable and appropriate technologies
  • Easing access to transport for remote communities
  • Supplying tools to support livelihoods
  • Marking forest and territorial boundaries
  • Land-use zoning and planning

Our work:

  • Ashaninka Project, Ene Valley (link)
  • Aguaruna-Huambisa Project, Alto Marañon (link)
  • Eco Sira Project, El Sira Communal Reserve (link)