Communal Reserve El Sira

El.Sira.logo.jpgThe El Sira project began in October 2012 and runs until May 2014.  Ecotribal’s role is to oversee the social aspects, in particular helping to build the capacity of ECOSIRA, the indigenous co-manager of Peru’s largest rainforest Communal Reserve.  Together with the communities which form a circular buffer zone around the reserve, their territory extends to over 1,600,000 hectares of rainforest with some unique species.


























So far the project has achieved several milestones:

  • Baseline study
  • Business Plan for Rubber Tappers Association
  • Capacity building with ECOSIRA on climate change, payments for environmental services and community consultation processes
  • Facilitated participatory planning
  • Design and implementation of information and consultation processes with local, regional and national indigenous federations
  • Best practice direct community consultation