Work with the Aguaruna-Huambisa, Alto Marañon, Amazonas

Ecotribal were invited to visit Alto Marañon by the Aguaruna-Huambisa Council of Elders in late 2010. Since then, we have been worked closely with the Council to develop initiatives for the benefit of their member communities and which promote rainforest conservation and planned use of forest resources.
With the Council’s collaboration, Ecotribal has presented workshops and talks at community level on topics including climate change, forest conservation, sustainable forest management, and environmental services initiatives.

Ecotribal has contributed to building sustainable businesses in the area through its support of an association of women craft producers AMARNO (Asociación de las Mujeres Artesanas de la Region Nor-Oriental). The main support offered has been by facilitating the process of legal registration of the association and by helping to link them with markets in Lima, Peru’s capital city (Aguaruna crafts), and as far afield as California (Org by Vio).

To assist with inter-village communications, Ecotribal supplied and installed solar powered radio communications for use in a central Aguaruna-Huambisa community in December 2011. In early 2012, the AMARNO association attended a successful handicraft fair in Lima where it sold organic seed bio-jewelry and gained wide exposure for their merchandise in various shops around Lima.